Pole, Residential, Aluminum 20'
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Aluminum Residential Pole has a 2-inch diameter with 20ft exposed height. 22 feet total.(2 feet must be cemented into the ground. PVC sleeve is included for protection from the elements and pole removal if needed.) Standard fittings include: 3-inch diameter gold ball top-Cast aluminum truck with pulley-Solid braided polypropylene halyard (rope) with 2 strong flag snaps-Rope cleat with mounting screws-PVC ground sleeve-5 silver aluminum-tubing sections that wedge together for a smooth and seamless appearance. This flag pole can be installed without professional assistance. Installation instructions are included.This is a residential-grade flag pole and is not designed to fly a flag in severe weather.

  • Item #: Pole, 20' Alum.

Pole, Residential, Aluminum 20'

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